SPIN THE “WHEEL-O-FORTUNE” at ELATION, GK-1 for Free Shots, Sheesha’s, offers & more!

Time to try your luck with food!

Elation Café & Bar, in association with DinerPlus lets every customer spin the *Wheel-O-Fortune* where they can avail on-spot offers like 20% discount, 2 shots, 4 shots or an upgrade to their sheesha.

(Alert: The Wheel-O-Fortune is available once for a spin to every group. We recommend you to send the luckiest person on your table to avail the BEST offer.)



Reserve your table at ‘Elation Cafe & Bar, GK1’ through DinerPlus, get an exclusive* 20% off total bill.

Here’s the link: Elation Cafe & Bar, GK1 

(*available only through Diva Says Unique Link)

Cafe Elation is located in the heart of GK 1, M block market. It’s spread out on the 2nd and 3rd floor (terrace) giving you a good view of the hustle and bustle of the market.

With an elegant indoor and outdoor (balcony and terrace) ambience, it’s worth a visit. The indoor interiors have been designed well with dim lighting and a big bar well spread out. They have a resident DJ too, who will make you groove to his amazing choice of music.

Best part about the place is that they organize amazing events like bollywood night, ladies night, Sufi live music night etc.

It has a pocket-friendly menu filled with mouth-watering dishes where each dish is more delicious than the previous one!

Speaking about the USP of this restaurant, preparing & serving Sheesha’s is their forte. Their signature Khalil Sheesha (with an ice base) with “pan kiwi and sea breeze flavour” is a must try!

The service was completely hassle free.

Coming to Food & Beverage , here is a small list of our Top 5 recommended dishes & drinks (Tried & Tested):

  • Cheese Baked Nachos: The same old nachos, but baked with mozzarella cheese and other ingredients to make it tastier.
  • Kit Kat Shake: Chocolate Flavoured Shake with an innovative blend by the chef to it, by introducing Kit Kat as a taste blender.
  • Khalil Sheesha: The look of this sheesha makes every head inside the restaurant turn towards you, due to its magnificent look. Not only that, it high on flavor, smooth and has thick smoke.
  • Chicken Wings: Not the same old signature dish of every restaurant. Amazing on tongue, different in taste.
  • Choco Lava Cake Served With Vanilla Ice Cream: As they say, there is always some space left for the dessert. It’s rightly said, desserts don’t go to the stomach, they go to the heart. And this one will rightly reach to your heart.

Overall, this place is a definite try.

Be it a party, a hangout, a get together or a date, this place wouldn’t let you down as it offers amazing food and drinks, mind-blowing sheesha’s, have hospitable staff and efficient service.

Highly recommended to all!

Diva’s Rating | 5 out of 5 stars

Cost for One | Rs 750 (approx)

Where | M-32, 2nd Floor, Greater Kailash (GK) 1, New Delhi

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