The definitive guide to convenience cooking

Now that’s a new term. What is convenience cooking? We are all so busy in our work schedules that many of us do not get enough time to come back home and cook or maybe are not in a mood to do so. May people forget to stock up their pantry with essentials if they are busy most of the times. This is where convenience cooking comes in. And no, one does not order food from outside but instead you can pack something up in a matter of minutes. Something that is both simple to make and healthy! Let us see what our options are.

Frozen herbs

Any dish can be perked up with a dash of herbs. But how do you make sure that you have fresh herbs available ready to use through the year? Well, just freeze them! You can put them in a ice tray individually and then fill it up with some boiled water. Take them out and use as and when required. However, there are only some herbs that can be frozen. Basil, borage, chives, dill, lemongrass, mint, oregano, sage, sweet woodruff, tarragon and thyme are some such herbs.


frozen herbs


Bagged salads

This one is for those who are too lazy to dish up a meal for themselves but prefer to eat healthy. Just store all the greens and veggies in a pouch and the dressing and seasoning separately. You can mix the two as and when and whatever quantity you need. Make sure to not include onions since they can let out a foul smell when the pack is opened.


Bagged salads


Ready-to-use pasta sauce

This helps when you wish to dish out a quick pasta. Since you already have the sauce made and stored, you will just need to boil the pasta and toss the veggies in this sauce. This sauce can be used for up to a week!


Ready-to-use pasta sauce

Half-cooked rotis

Yes, you read that right! For many, it may seem tiresome to knead the dough time and again. The solution is to make rotis and store them in the freezer with a sheet of cling wrap between each. Heat a skillet and cook these as and when you need them. This stored bunch can last for up to a week or a little more.


Half-cooked rotis


Additionally, leftover veggies from the previous night can help give an interesting twist to your rotis and rice. It is just how you create something different out of what is in hand.


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