Some Restaurants in Kolkata for that perfect date

It is the big night and finally you are about to head out for that much awaited date with your partner. In a city like Kolkata, known for its food fancy, it is not hard to come by good restaurants. In this post, we give you some of the best places in Bong land for that perfect date.

1) Waterside Cafe, Salt Lake

The whole ambience that this place has to offer will transport you into another world and what better way to get that perfect date on! Tall glass walls overlooking the pool and greenery all around. This is located in the Hyatt and is open 24 x 7. Some of the best bets to eat here include Butter Chicken, Aloo Aminabadi, and Bati Chingri.

Approx. Cost for Two: Rs 3000

Waterside Cafe, Salt Lake


2) 1658 Bar and Kitchen, Chowringhee

This place is well known for its European fare and is a striker when it comes to the decor and ambience too, which are subtle yet elegant. The menu is Italian and they also serve up some good snacks and starters.

Approx. Cost for Two: Rs 1500


1658 Bar and Kitchen, Chowringhee


3) Aaira, Park Street

This restaurant serves up some great North Indian fare and the decor and ambience are also perfect for a date with your beloved. Thee menu has four parts: Shuruat, Shorbe, Aatish-E-Tandoor, and Samundari Zewar.

Approx. Cost for Two: Rs 1400


Aaira, Park Street


4) The Bridge, Floatel, Dalhousie

Floatel is a ship that has been made into a hospitality chain. The upper deck house The Bridge and has a great view of the second Hoogly bridge and Howrah bridge on two sides. Perfect setting for a candle-lit dinner. The cuisine is Continental, Bengali, and Indian.

Approx. Cost for Two: Rs 1500


The Bridge, Floatel, Dalhousie


5) Tamara, Rajarhat

Rajarhat has wide roads and makes the perfect destination for a long drive followed by a hearty meal at Tamara. It has beautiful Cabana-like settings and the decor and ambience are a must-see. Dahi ke Shammi, Italian Fish Picatta, Crispy Calamari Pepper Salt, and Grand Seafood Platter are some of the best dishes here.

Approx. Cost for Two: Rs 1500


Tamara, Rajarhat


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