10 Dishes To Make Rains Even Better!

We all love to have authentic, delicious, mouthwatering food from dhabas, famous restaurants and joints. But even simple homemade food or street food tastes surprisingly delicious during rainy days. Here is a list of a few amazing delicacies that you can munch on this rainy season:


1. Garam Chai & Pakode

This is the classic way to enjoy the rains. Sitting on the balcony or a roadside tea stall with your friends and sipping on hot ginger tea and taking a bite from a variety of pakoras can never get boring. Be it the fiery chilly pakora or the smooth textured paneer pakora, this will surely make the grey clouds seem even more beautiful.



2. Bread Rolls

Crunchy home made bread rolls with green chutney taste even better when the rain gods play their songs!

bread rolls


3. Stuffed Bread Pakoda

Bread pakoras have always been the staple Indian food during rains . We can tweak these babies any way we want by filling them up with whatever that goes with them or have it plain dipped in pudina chutney or ketchup.

bread pakora


4. Moong Dal Pakode with Green Chutney

Moong daal ke pakore, or Ram laddu  are one of the best street food that one can savour on a chilly rainy day. You can make it at home or buy it from street stalls  and those drops from heaven, falling down on the ground will seem more beautiful!



5. Aloo Samosa

Samosa is something that adjusts itself  to every occasion, be it a party, or a marriage or even sitting alone on the terrace with the cold breeze and all that drizzling. We generally try to avoid fried foods, but its okay to excuse yourself every once in a while and indulge yourself in some Garam Garam Samosas.



6. Pao Bhaji with tons of Melting Butter

What can be better than  a plate full of buttered buns and the famous Bhaji? You can make it at home or you can go out, get drenched and buy a plate from those street stalls.



7. Steamed Chicken Momos with Red Chilly Sauce

Dumplings filled with veggies or chicken, whether steamed or fried, dipped in chilly sauce or mayonnaise, make the perfect dish for a beautiful rainy day.



8. Crispy Spring Rolls

Spring rolls have always been one of the most  favorite street foods during rains. One good thing about these rolls is that they are easily available, and for those of you who know how to make it at home, get started!



9. Chilly Fried Chowmein

With a glass of cold beverage, this is an ideal dish to have during rains with your friends or family.



10. Aloo Parantha & Dahi

Paranthas have always been the pet dish of every household. A staple breakfast, lunch and a midnight munchy, they taste best during rains!


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