Some great dips and accompaniments you must definitely try

A good way to make children eat food which they otherwise would not eat normally is to give them something as a side that tastes tangy or spicy or something to their taste. Many of us would remember the umpteen number of times we have had pickle or that tangy chutney as an accompaniment to our main course. There is no fixed recipe when it comes to making a dip or an accompaniment. One just needs to play around with flavors and behold! even the most fussy eaters will eat their food in joy. Here are some interesting dips and accompaniments you can definitely try.

1. Tuna Pate

This is a French dip. It has Tuna, Tomatoes, and Cream Cheese as the main ingredients.





2. Gosht ka Achaar

This is a take on your regular achaar except the fact that the mangoes or other veggies are replaced by mutton pieces. These are pickled in vinegar, mustard oil, and spices.





3. Salsa Creole

This is a Caribbean accompaniment. It has Tomatoes, onions, celery, red chillies, pepper, and lime.





4. Guacamole

Made of Avocado, this is a Mexican delight.





5. Baba Ganoush

This is a dip similar to the hummus. A delicacy special to the Middle East, this is made of eggplant.






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