Some eating options in Pune that are hidden treasures

Let us get straight to the point with this one. Here is a list of some of the lesser known eating options in Pune, online and otherwise.

1. Flavors of my city

This is an online ordering site which gets you stuff to munch on from various parts of the country. The best part is that you don’t have to bother about a minimum order quantity and they make sure the order reaches you within two days. For all those who are not near their home and missing that authentic taste, this one is for you. You can order stuff like Kunda from Belgaum, Calicut’s very famous Banana Halwa, Baroda’s Lilo Chevdo, or Indore’s Fikki Sev!





2. States of India

This is another treasure and they focus on one state every month. Till now they have covered two states. The best part about them is that their goodies come from local shops and people who are not well known or who do not have an online presence. The approx. cost of each box is Rs 650.





3. Arirang Guest House, Viman Nagar

This place is known for its amazing Korean food. This place is not used to having many guests and the best bet here would be the set meal. It is important to make a reservation beforehand. Some options in the set meal include Cabbage and Leeks soup, stir-fry with vegetables, bok choy, Kimchi, stir fried vegetables with noodles and dessert.





Maasa, Mundhwa Road

If you wish to eat an authentic Maharashtrian seafood thali, then Maasa is the place for you. Their fish dishes take the cake definitely. If you visit, do try the Bombil thali, bhakri/Chapati, sukat, tawa-fried prawns, and Mandeli fry.




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