Food poisoning: what you should know

We all love to eat out. While it is definitely great to eat new kinds of food, the fact that we are prone to food poisoning from this kind of food can’t also be ignored. The exchange of ingredients, water used to cook food, and the air itself, there could be many reasons for food contamination. DivaSays gives you the most common causative agents of food poisoning for you to be careful when eating out.

1) E. Coli

This is a dangerous causative agent and it can be present in fermented products, water, beef, etc. The symptoms in those affected are nausea, vomiting, and watery or even bloody diarrhea.

2) Salmonella

Did you know that there are 2000 different types of salmonella? It is usually contracted via animal or dairy products but can also be present in raw veggies! The symptoms are gastroenteritis followed by severe diarrhea.

3) Campylobacter

This is not very well known but can be contracted by using contaminated poultry products. It can cause high fever, arthritis, and Guillain-Barré syndrome.

4) Shigella

This one is also very nasty. It can be contracted through flies or even exchange of food through multiple hands. The symptoms are abdominal cramps and blood in the stool.

5) Botulism

This is a very serious condition that is caused by improperly stored or contaminated canned food. The bacterium produces a neurotoxin and this can also lead to paralysis. This is a life-threatening condition if not treated at the right time.



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