Weird drinks around the world

We all love our drinks. Some like hot beverages like tea and coffee while others like their colas and sodas. Still some more like to have alcoholic drinks while others prefer having cocktails and mocktails. Did you know there are several bizarre drinks around the world too? Here we are going to list some such drinks for you and we’ll let you decide how bizarre they are.

1. Rainbow Beer

This is brewed in Abashiri Brewery in Japan. Their line up of colored beers include blue Ryuhyo Draft, red Hamanasu Draft, green Shiretoko Draft and pink/purple Jyaga Draft. The inspiration is drawn from the four seasons therein and flora and fauna during a particular time of the year.


rainbow beer



2. Kimchi Soda

How about sodas in flavors like wasabi, kimchi, curry, teriyaki, bubble gum, white champagne, lychee, blueberry, and banana? These are manufactured by a Japanese company called Ramune.


kimchi soda



3. Frog Juice

Known as rana y maca, this juice is made in Peru. A live frog is taken out and banged against a counter to kill it or make it unconscious! The frog is then skinned and mixed with hot bean broth, honey, aloe vera, and maca in a blender.




4. Panda Dung Drink

A professor of calligraphy named An Yanshi has found a way to grow green tea in panda poop! Yes you heard that one right. These are even marketed and he has patented this drink.






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