Some dishes that will stir up every Delhiite’s nostalgia

Delhi is every foodie’s paradise and definitely one city where all your food fantasies can come alive. However, there are some dishes that are very typical to Delhi and its old restaurants. Some of these can bring back memories and stir up nostalgia. Here are some such dishes.

Nirula’s Hot Chocolate Fudge

Yes, this is our very own vanilla soft serve topped with hot fudge sauce and garnished with nuts! Which child or adult wouldn’t have had a taste of the HCF, which was and is a summertime staple at Nirula’s!


Nirula's Hot Chocolate Fudge


Wimpy’s Mutton Burger

A college or school outing with friends was incomplete without a visit to Wimpy’s and without eating the veritable mutton burger there. Sadly, since the McDonalds and other burger outlets have taken over, the popularity of Wimpy’s has fizzed out.


Wimpy's Mutton Burger

Maxims Pastry

You would have been the most famous student in class for having had pastry at Maxims! All their pastries are till date unique and a treat to relish!


Maxims Pastry (1)


Haldiram’s Chole Bhature

Back then, there were only select outlets of this famous restaurant in the city. Now there are around 42 of them. Though they offer many different kinds of dishes, the Chole Bhature remains the eternal favorite.


Haldiram's Chole Bhature (1)


Havemore’s Butter Chicken

If you love butter chicken, then you would definitely made a trip to Havemore to get a taste of this yummy dish there. Because they are the best in the business. If you haven’t tasted it, you surely have missed something.


Havemore's Butter Chicken (1)

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