Review: Carnatic Cafe

Carnatic Cafe is one place in Delhi where you can get some authentic Brahmin south Indian food. So you have an open kitchen, food that is priced extremely reasonably, and some great authentic flavors. The ambience is homely with the owner making sure he greets and interacts with each customer. The cooks belong to South Karnataka villages. The options on the menu are very Kannadiga, the place being owned by a Kannada Brahmin.

The menu has paddu, ragi roti (ragi being low on the glycemic index and great for the health), and some amazing rice dishes, the names of which may be unintelligible to the Delhi crowd. The set meal is also reasonably priced. It has Sona Masuri rice, rice papad, a ginger and jaggery chutney, two dry vegetables with grated coconut, kootu, saar (rasam) and vada. They also have a large variety in dosas.

This place is great value for the reasonable amount you pay, not to mention some amazing filter coffee to down it all.

Where: Ground Floor, Community Center, The India Mall, New Friends Colony East


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