Movie review: Ratatouille

This is one movie that all foodies wouldn’t mind watching with their kids too! It is as endearing and entertaining as it can get. The movie is about a rat called Remy whose love for food makes him want to be a chef. His limitations are but obvious. He is a rat in a man’s world! He has a role model he looks up to which is the celebrity chef Auguste Gusteau. Luckily, as he lands in Paris, he is able to find an “accommodation” underneath a restaurant belonging to his role model himself!

Now rats are not exactly welcome guests anywhere. And so is the case with Remy who is an unwanted visitor in the kitchen of a famous restaurant in a city like Paris. He befriends the garbage boy Linguini who figures out that the rat has amazing culinary skills. As they enter into an agreement, the series of hilarious events that follow are sure to keep you hooked to the screen.

This movie is about self discovery for a rat and a man who is into a menial job in a large establishment. Remy is torn between two choices: returning to his at hole or fol

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