Street food of Kolkata

So you thought Kolkata was all about Fish and Sweets? Think again! The city is a foodie’s haven for sure and some of the best food variety is all the city’s street food. Here are the street foods of Kolkata you must surely try once.

1) Ghoogni

For all those Chole Kulche people of Delhi, Ghoogni is Kolkata’s answer to you. Have it plain or with Luchi, it tastes yum either way. White or yellow peas cooked with spices and a garnishing of onion and tomatoes will surely leave you asking for more.




2) Radha Ballavi

This is flat bread stuffed with lentils. The accompaniments include aloo dum and a jaggery and tamarind chutney. Sounds yum? It is traditionally consumed during breakfast or even during pujo!




3) Chilla

Chilla is more of a filler than a snack. Crepes made of mashed moong dal and served with garlic chutney and green chillies chutney is what a Chilla is.




4) Jhaal Muri

Your Kolkata experience can never be complete without eating a fill of Jhaal Muri. Puffed rice, chopped onions, green chillies, mustard oil, coconut, and a special masala add up to make that perfect amalgamation of flavors that burst in your mouth!




5) Pyanji

This is Kolkata’s bhajia for you. Sliced onions and green chillies mixed in gram flour batter and fried in mustard oil. Best had with hot chai!




6) Chops

Bengali addas and chops make the perfect combo for any true blue Bong. The best variants are Vegetable Chop, Aloo Chop, and the Egg Chop. The veggies, eggs, or potatoes are coated in bread crumbs and deep fried in the staple mustard oil.



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