Protein sources for vegetarians

With more and more people bending towards becoming a vegetarian, there are plenty of eating options out there for everyone. Here are some of the best protein sources for vegetarians.

1) Cottage cheese

One of the best sources of calcium and protein too. It is very easy to digest as well.


Cottage cheese


2) Milk

A rich source of whey protein and casein, milk is a great protein substitute for vegetarians.



3) Nuts

They are a wonderfully rich source of protein and also double up as healthy snacking options between meals. Almonds contain the highest amount of protein.




4) Tofu and soy milk

These are great options for vegans and also for those who are lactose intolerant.


Tofu and soy milk


6) Quinoa

This will help you get all the 9 essential amino acids that your body requires since it has a high protein content.




7) Cauliflower greens

We mostly throw away the green part of this vegetable. But little do we know that this very part is a great protein source!


Cauliflower greens


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