New trend: a look at alternative eating

Calling someone over for dinner or lunch, going for a family outing, or meeting up colleagues or friends at a cafe? These are some of the more common things we do. How about trying some alternative eating solutions? Yes, that is the new trend and we give you a definitive lowdown on alternative eating in this post.

1) Swap that coffee with cold pressed juice

This is a new idea and definitely a healthier option too! Call your colleagues or friends over and order some cold pressed juices for a juice cleanse. These are not only better than the synthetic and fizzy drinks available in the market but they are also available in a range of exciting and tasty flavors. These juices keep the nutrient content of fruits and vegetables intact and are therefore as good as consuming them raw. You will be energetic through the day and manage to wake up fresh and light the following morning too!

2) Have homegrown food

Many shops now specialize in homegrown organic food that is palatable and healthy at the same time. Replace your craving for restaurant-cooked or fast food with the organic options. Teas, infused oils, breads, etc. are just some of the many options available in the homegrown market. What’s more, you also reduce your carbon footprint.

3) Order home-cooked food

So you have no time to cook up that perfect recipe for a get together. You reach out for the menu card of a restaurant or a fast food joint. Why not just call up one of the many providers of home-cooked food and get some great ghar ka khana? Easier on the stomach and tasty all the same.

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