Different kinds of people in restaurants

Walk into a restaurant and you are sure to enjoy yourself. We are not talking not just about the ambience and the food but also the crowd. Different kinds of people come into restaurants and we can actually categorize them into groups depending on how they are and how they behave. We give you 6 of these!

1) I, me, myself

So, in walks this guy/gal with a swagger that can put the best models to shame. He/She has certain airs about them and expects the waiters and the staff to recognize and cater to them instantly, because “do you know who I am?”




2) Maids in tow

Two toddlers, check. A dog, check. A train of bags, check. A maid, double check. So here I am at the restaurant to meet my friends but can’t leave my kids or my dog at home so I need a maid to be with me 24×7!




3) It’s all about my Smartphone

I am here at the restaurant but I just cannot keep my hands off my Smartphone and have to make a call every 15 minutes and talk in the loudest possible voice!




4) Know the chef

The menu is right in front of me, but I need to meet the chef personally, get to know the ingredients and the process in which the dish was prepared. Personal attention anyone?




5) Selfie kings and queens

So here’s a bunch of people out to eat and meet. But hey, let us not forget to take the selfies first! How else do we show the world we were there or even better block and disrupt other people?



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