Top 5 reasons to down that morning Cuppa

Are you a coffee addict? Does your day start and pick up pace only after that cuppa joe? Worry not! You are in for some health benefits by downing that cup of coffee you have every day. The caffeine has some great benefits on the body according to research. We give you the top 6 reasons for having coffee.

1) Decreased risk of stroke

One or more cups of coffee has been shown to reduce the risk of a stroke in women by 25 percent. This is according to a research published in the journal Stroke.

2) Lesser diabetes risk

Four cups of coffee can reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes by about 60 percent. Coffee is rich in magnesium and chromium, and these can help in controlling blood sugar levels in women.

3) Reduces the risk of Parkinson’s disease

The likelihood of this debilitating neurological disease can be reduced with that cup of coffee you consume every day. Though the evidence is yet to be studied fully, research says that the caffeine may act on a gene called GRIN2A to help lower the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease.

4) Reduces stress

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee is enough to lift your spirits and destress you. It can also minimize the effects of less sleep. When sleep-deprived rats were made to smell coffee, it triggered gene activity known to protect nerve cells from stress-related damage.

5) Reduced risk of heart disease

According to a Dutch research, people who drank two to four cups a day had reduced chances of developing a heart disease. The reason might be the antioxidants present in it.

One important advice despite all these benefits is that the intake must be limited to just two to three cups a day. Going overboard with coffee may lead to insomnia, stomachaches, a racing heart, nervousness, irritability, and nausea. Coffee with a splash of milk or a packet or two of sugar is good and not the one high on whipped cream and sugary syrups!



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