Restaurants serving classic food with a twist in Delhi

Food today is not just about cooking. It is also about presentation and innovation. People are always looking for something new and different. Out-of-the-box thinking is the norm of the day. Here are some classic dishes that have been given a great twist by some of our own country chefs.

1) Tacos Papdi Chaat

Chaat has been an eternal favorite when it comes to street food. How about chaat with a twist? Crisp tacos with potato and yellow peas filling. This is topped with onion tomato salsa, tamarind sauce is used for garnishing it, and then served with yoghurt avocado sauce. A sweet and sour delight for sure. This is available at B Bar and has been invented by Chef B. Richard.


tacos papdi chaat


2) Desi Khurchan Tacos

Chef Ranveer Brar gives this awesome twist to the traditional Khurchan. Khurchans of chicken, lamb or kathal, combined with tawa masala, and served stuffed in khameeri bread-like tacos. This is topped with sour cream and jalapenos. This is available at Desi Roots.



3) Papad ka Shorba

Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel has this restaurant called Tamra which is known for serving traditional dishes in utensils made of Copper. They dish up yet another delicacy with a twist called Papad ka Shorba. A dish made from moong dal, garnished with roasted papad, and topped with lemon juice. The accompaniments are sev and pickled chillies. Are you drooling already?


papad shorba


4) Gourmet Kulchas

Gastronomica gives a twist to our perennial favorite kulchas by stuffing them with bacon, lots of cheddar, and cilantro. A perfect snacker, this is sure to leave you asking for more.




5) Italian Rice Khichada

Cafe Delhi Heights takes the monotony out of the traditional Khichdi recipe by giving it an interesting twist. Italian arborio rice replaces the normal rice and lentils and Indian herbs and spices are used to add great flavor to the dish. Available in two choices, Lamb Italian Rice Khichada and Chicken Italian Rice Khichada, you must surely give this dish a try.




6) Parle G Cheesecake

This sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Another brilliant innovation by Farzi Cafe, it may look like something but may turn out to be a surprise totally when you taste it. Parle G has always been our favorite but how about a cheesecake sandwiched between two Parle G biscuits? Sounds yum! Not just this, these biscuit cheesecakes are immersed in thick rabri and sprinkled with our very own Gems on top!


parle g cheesecake



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