Fun and food: some food games you should know

The plan is set. The party has been planned. Guests have been invited and you are ready to play the perfect host. But while you dish up the perfect sizzlers and warm the food, how will you keep the guests occupied and entertained. DivaSays gives you a list of some food games to play during the wait.

1) Egg-jactly

Place eggs on the floor and ask the guests to remember their exact placement. Now blindfold them and ask them to move forward without squashing the eggs. A team member can help with giving them cues.

2)  Tomato squash

Ask your guests to be in pairs. Place a tomato each between their foreheads and start the music. Let the music be slow and then fast and slow again. They key is to not drop the tomato while dancing. Warning on dirtying white clothes to be issued beforehand!

3) Biscuit Jenga

Arrange the biscuits two at a time as a tower. Now start removing them one by one and place them on top of one another without toppling the tower.

4) Race with popcorns

Tie two plastic cups full of popcorns to the guests shoes. Now make a start and finish line and start a race. The one who reaches the finish line without spilling the popcorn wins. Count who has the maximum number of popcorns left after the race.

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