Breakfast options that help you get enough protein

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A fulfilling breakfast can help you sail through the toughest of days with ease. If you want your breakfast to be more filling and high on energy, make sure you add enough protein in it. This helps you feel fuller and in avoiding overeating or munching on unhealthy stuff. Here are some high-protein breakfast options you can try.

1) Oats and yogurt

These two are powerhouses of energy. A single serving of yogurt can give you up to 17 grams of protein and oats in high on fiber. Together they will ensure that your energy levels are high and that you feel full for longer too. Try adding some cut fruits and nuts to up the taste factor.




2) Oat and egg pancakes

Chuck the traditional pancake recipe for this mix and you will surely not be disappointed.


egg pancakes


3) Veg omelette

This one is no surprise. Eggs for protein and an omelette loaded with fresh veggies. Do we need to say more? Healthy and yummy at the same time.


veg omlete



4) Smoothie

A fruit or vegetable smoothie is just what you need for that grab-and-go dose of protein. Add low-fat milk if you are weight conscious.




5) Wraps

This is another great option if you have any leftover veggies from the previous night. Just wrap them in pita bread and you are good to go!




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