Bizarre Indian Foods

If you thought that Indian food was all about vegetables, spices and curries, it’s time you went through our list:

1. Dog Meat:

If you thought that dog meat was only eaten by our Oriental neighbours, this might really surprise you. In Nagaland, Dog Meat is a favorite delicacy of many.  Yes, you read that right! What you might consider as taboo comprises one of the most important delicacies of Nagaland. Not just this, other dishes like spiders, cats and even elephants are commonly eaten here. Strange, right?




2. Frog Legs:

Frog legs have been pleasing the palates of the Lepcha Community of Sikkim for long. In Goa, Bullfrogs are eaten during the monsoon.  You’d be surprised to know that this very species is recognized as threatened by the government but continues to be served by many restaurants!


frog legs


3. Red Ants Chutney:

We all know that Indian Chutneys are the life of Indian Food, but this is a bit of too much, isn’t it?  This Chutney, eaten in Chhattisgarh, is made by crushing dried Red ants and their eggs together. This heady and hot chutney is for the brave hearted hoggers!


red ants


4. Pig Brain:

A salad dish from Meghalaya, called Doh khleh, is made of pork and onion. Don’t jump out of your chair just yet because what makes this salad crazy is its garnishing. This salad is garnished with steamed pig brain! Exotic or Strange… we can’t say.

doh khleh


5. Chicken Blood & Pig Intestine:

Imagine Pulao, and now replace the peas with some chicken blood and pig intestine. Yes, that’s what the people of Jaintia Tribe of the North East eat. And you thought this kind of thing only happened in Game of Thrones…


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