8 unusual restaurants and cafes you must visit

Food is not just about new recipes or taste. It is also about presentation and keeping the interest alive in the whole business of food. There is a need to find new avenues to feed this interest and passion in food. Herein comes the concept of unusually themed cafes or restaurants set up by entrepreneurs who sure know how to keep it going for their customers in terms of a new experience. We give you a list of 9 such places you must try.

1) Cross Cafe, Mumbai

This place invited the ire of Jews around the world. It was earlier known as Hitler’s Cross. The Jews were upset about the fact that this place glorified the reign of Hitler and spread the wrong message. Founded by Punit Sablok, it was later named as the Cross Cafe and the swastikas were replaced with multi-colored rings.


hilers cross


2) Hijackk Cafe, Ahmedabad

This was started by Moistclay Media. Customers get to enjoy an Ahmedabad tour and good food during the one and half hour travel. The use of the word Hijack was not appreciated initially though.


hijack cafe


3) Taste of Darkness, Hyderabad

When was the last time you really “experienced” your food? Taste of Darkness lets you do just that. This place is in absolute darkness and people can learn a lot about the lives of people who are visually impaired. The shaking bridge and park are a plus.


taste of darness


4) Tihar Food Court, New Delhi

This is something out of the box. Among many other efforts to reform the lives of its inmates, this is another. The staff and waiters are all convicts and believe it or not, the staff is said to be very polite and courteous.




5) New Lucky Restaurant, Ahmedabad

This unusual restaurant stands on a graveyard. Yes, you heard that right! Not just this. The owner Krishnan Kutti, has kept the graves and the restaurant is set up around them. He says they bring him good luck!


new lucky


6) Firangi Dhaba, Mumbai

This restaurant incorporates the lifeline of Indian travel. Auto-rickshaws! Desi interiors and meals inside an auto. Do we need to tell you more?


firangi dhaba


 7) Nature’s Toilet Cafe, Ahmedabad

A restaurant with a toilet theme and a toilet garden boasting of over 20 lavatories and urinals as old as the 1950s! Does that still leave you hungry? It was established by Jayesh Patel, the son of Ishwarbhai Patel, who established the toilet garden. Jayesh is also known as Baby Toilet because of this legend.


natures toilet


8) Kaidi Kitchen, Chennai

Now this name is definitely a giveaway. The staff in Kaidi Kitchen are dressed like inmates and jailers. This one rates average on food but is a must visit for its theme and decor.





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  • October 8, 2015 at 1:44 pm

    The list should include potty’s restaurant chain as well.

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