7 spiciest Indian foods

Do you have the hots for spicy food? If yes, then this one is for you! Some dishes can get insanely spicy and they are not for the faint hearted. Read on if you have the cheek to consume these spiciest Indian dishes known.

1) Phaal Curry

Phaal Curry is made from the hottest chilli in the world called Bhut Jolokia. Phaal Curry is known to be the hottest in the world. Will you “phaal” for this one?


phaal curry


2) Kozhi Curry

This one comes straight from God’s Own Country. Kozhi Curry is an integral part of the Syrian Catholic Community of Kerala. Take your taste buds for the spiciest ride of your life with this one.




3) Chilli Beef

Malayalee and Chilli rhyme and go together like nothing else! They do not really feel the heat of this Chilli Beef  that makes it way through one’s food pipe like a trailblazer.


chilli beef


4) Chicken 65

This dish got its name from the fact that it was the 65th item in a menu at a military canteen in South India. This one is sure to set your taste buds tingling with all the spice.


chicken 65


5) Andhra Chilli Chicken

Think of this and then think of chilli all over! The chicken is marinated and simmered green chilli paste. But before that the chicken is killed by force feeding it green chillies!! Now you heard that one right!


andhra chicken


6) Madras Curry

Meat balls in a bowl of red-coloured sauce. Add to that a runny nose, watery eyes, and lots of sweat. That’s Madras Curry for you. Keep a box of tissues and chocolates handy though!


meat balls


7) Misal

Misal combines the spiciest dry red chillies, green chillies, and black pepper powder. This one is sure to send the heat levels up by more than a notch! A famous roadside delicacy, Misal will have you running for water. Well, almost!




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