So you think you can eat? Delhi Street Food Quiz

You take pride in being a Dilliwala. You have visited the numerous food joints in the city and are ready to educate anyone who is new to the city. Let us check how much you know about the street food in Delhi. Diva Says tests your knowledge with this small quiz.

1) What is Pandit Kanhaiyalal Durgaprasad Dixit famous for?

(a) Tea        (b) Paranthas         (c) Coffee       (d) Chaat

2) He is the owner of Moti Mahal and wrote a book on world’s most delectable kebabs. Who is this person?

(a) Marut Sikka      (b) Monish Gujral      (c) Vir Sanghvi       (d) None of these

3) What did Bhagwan Dass Tekwani establish in Delhi?

(a) Prince Paan Corner     (b) Karim’s      (c) Paranthewali Gali     (d) Haldiram’s

4) Which place in Delhi is known for the best butter chicken?

(a) Karim’s      (b) Rajendar Dhaba    (c) Moti Mahal    (d) I don’t know.

5) What is Daulat ki Chaat?

(a) A Chaat      (b) An expensive chaat     (c) A sweet dish     (d) Something else

6) Majnu ka Tilla is famous for which of these?

(a) Chinese food     (b) Gol gappas    (c) Tibetan food   (d) Mughlai food

7) Laddoos are a staple sweet dish for any Dilliwala. Which of these cartoon characters gets their strength from laddoos?

(a) Chacha Chaudhury    (b) Chota Bheem      (c) Shaktiman      (d) I don’t know.

8) Khasta and Raj are two variants of what?

(a) Papri      (b) Chaat    (c) Bhalla      (d) Kachori

If you answered any 6 of these correctly, go pat your back for being a foodie and a true Dilliwala!


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