Top 7 Most Remarkable Shawarma Places In Delhi/NCR

Wondering where to get the best-tasting, meat slices in a sandwich? Here’s a list of Top 7 places that serve the most extraordinary Shawarmas across Delhi/NCR:

1. Al Bake

If you don’t feel like trying out the same-old traditional shawarmas, take a different route with Al Bake, as they provide shawarmas with a twist. The place provides Shawarmas that are to die for at reasonable prices. If you are a Shawarma lover, you just cannot afford to miss this place!

Where: New Friends Colony


2. Fez Dining and Bar

This place is well known for offering the best of the best chicken Shawarmas. Stuffed with shredded chicken, vegetable pickles and  onions, their Shawarmas will compel you to say WOW!

Where: Chanakyapuri


3. Concept

Concept is a small outlet, famed for its delicious Chicken Shawarma Rolls. Although, it’s a self-service joint with no sitting arrangements,  the taste of the perfectly spiced shawarma, served alongside a variety of sauces will make your visit to the place worth it!

Where: Defence Colony


4. Al Zaitoon

If you love Shawarmas and you haven’t been to this place, you are missing out on a lot. With 4 varieties of shawarmas prepared in 6 different styles, Al Zaitoon is famous for serving authentic, customisable shawarmas. Chicken, mutton, falafel and paneer varieties are their specialties. Do drop in!

Where: Saket


5. Urban Café

This place is well-known for its beautiful ambience, great music and amazing drinks, but its the veg and non-veg Shawarmas, dished up with spicy chutneys and mayonnaise that will completely make you fall in love with this place!

Where: Khan Market


6. Shish Shawarma

Exotic Shawarma and Chicken Shish Shawarma are the signature dishes of this food joint. Not only are the Shawarmas finger-licking good , they are easily affordable too. If jalapeno, olive and gherkin stuffing is what you look for, then go for their Exotic Shawarma!

Where: New Friends Colony



7. Lebanese Point

If you haven’t been to this place before, it is time to pay it a visit. Their chicken shawarmas are highly enriched with a heavy and delicious stuffing that will satisfy your taste buds and make you want to come back for more!

Where: Saket


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