7 Best Sweets in India

Many famous Indian desserts are the prime attractions in Indian cuisine. Try out these 7 mouth-watering Indian desserts which are famous in India:

1. Balushahi

Deep fried goodness soaked in sugar syrup, Balushahis are made of maida flour, and are deep-fried in clarified butter and then dipped in sugar syrup.



2. Rosogulla

Among all the bengali sweets, rosogulla takes the first place in our home. It is a spongy and heart winning sweet dish.



3. Ilayappam

Ilayappam is a light and delicious steamed mixture of rice flour, jaggery and coconut wrapped in banana leaves . It is a great gluten free and vegetarian breakfast option.



4. Modak

Modak is a famous sweet popular in Western, eastern and Southern India. Modak is believed to be Lord Ganesha’s favorite food.



5. Pongal

Rice cooked with jaggery is a simple, yet exotic dish.




6. Ghevar

It is a Rajasthani sweet traditionally associated with the Teej Festival. It’s quite famous in the adjoining states of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi, Gujrat, Madhya Pradesh.



 7. Basundi

It consists of sweetened dense milk, flavored with saffron and dry-fruits. And Aam Ras! And Shrikhand! And Gud Papdi!


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