5 Best Indian Wines you can find in Delhi/NCR

Are you a wine lover? Do you like to savour the smell and taste of a beautiful glass of wine while having a nice dinner or sitting on your couch watching a late night flick?

Then here’s a list of some of the finest wines of India that you can find in Delhi/NCR:


Grover La Reserve

  • Winery: Grover Vineyards
  • Grape Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz

Aged in French oak barrels, this one offers a bouquet of fruit and spices with the distinctive flavor of oak. This wine will complement roasted lamb, tenderloin and also goes well with the famous mutton biryani. Best enjoyed with stronger meats and spicy food.




Nine Hills Cabernet Sauvignon, 2007

  • Winery: Seagram
  • Grape Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon

This one stands apart with its soft tannins, which make it drinkable. Just enough spiciness, long aftertaste, and a memorable mouth feel. Wonderful!


nine hills


Reveilo – Syrah Reserve, 2005

  • Winery: Vintage Wines
  • Grape Variety: Syrah

Syrah Reserve is barrel aged in European oak for 9 months, making it really smooth to drink with a balanced taste. A delicious dance of spice, pepper and berries, this wine is just what you’d order with your sheekh kebabs.




Château d’Ori Cabernet Merlot, 2007

  • Winery: Chateau d’Ori
  • Grape Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot

This intensely aromatic deep red wine with spiced and candied prune notes tastes mighty fine with a nice dinner. The hint of oak that leaves a lingering aftertaste makes it very smooth. The strong tannins of Cabernet and the elegance of Merlot go perfectly with grilled meats.




Sula Dindori Reserve Shiraz, 2007

  • Wine Producer: Sula Vineyards
  • Grape Variety: Shiraz

The lush berry flavours and silky tannins add to the smoothness and elegance of this aromatic wine.



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